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RoboWars Terms of Use ; Revised: Jan 06th, 2012
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  • Joining RoboWars
    • You must be at least 13 years old to join RoboWars.
    • You must provide a valid E-Mail.
    • You must activate your account to unlock all functions. (email activation)
    • Any false information will result in termination of your account.
  • Chat / Rules & Regulations (a1)

    • No advertising
      • Avoid talking about competitive mmorpg's in the chatroom. This is not an advertising location. No web based games. No games that require a url to play.

    • Keep it clean
      • Any offensive non-friendly comment to an individual can result in a silence without warning.
      • No downgrading or making fun of robowars. If you do not like RW, do not play.
      • Any use of foul language can result in line removals and / or silence.
      • Can not use any other character or image as a foul language substitute.

    • Character Names
      • All usernames must be legible and visible when chatting.
        (Black, and very dark shades may risk line removals or silence)
      • Names can not be changed / used to intentionally identify yourself as someone else.

    • Spamming or Flooding.
      • No repeated abuse of chat images, or image attempts.
      • Limit talking to yourself even when no one else is around.
      • Excessive use of the /me command.
      • No posting non-related robowars content (url's)
      • Limit squad advertising / recruitment messages. No spamming.

    • Chat Guidelines
      • Your chat line(s) may be removed by moderators in this game. This may be for many reasons such as over use of images or flooding the chat.

      • The RW chat is not a place to discuss banned accounts or accounts that have broken the terms of use... These discussions must be kept out of the chat, and sent to support.

      • You may happen to be silenced if you bring negative energy to the chat environment. Negative energy can be a form of attitude, interrogation, persistence, nagging, egging-on and / or talking too much. Given this "negative" energy affects our moderators you may be silenced.

      • The chatroom is an English speaking chatroom. Any use of other languages will result in line removals and / or a silence.

      • When removing lines from chats and / or silencing a user. That user will gain negative reputation points. Once this user reaches the limit of -150 points; All communications will be locked until the 6 months has expired.
  • Squad / Profile Rules
    • Squad visitor and member pages must abide by the chat rules as noted in (a1).
      We do not tolerate harassment within or outside a squad zone.

    • Players can NOT offer donation options VIA paypal through squad pages or profiles.

      • Due to scams and abuse, any squads that request real funds from players will be in-activated. Please report any abuse to support. (no selling accounts, scraps or game items for real cash)

    • Squads and Players can not add any 3rd party ads to any pages that accept HTML. Any abuse will cause your squad to be de-activated. This consists of services such as google ads or ads that allow one to profit or generate income.

    • Videos that contain url's inside them, or personal banners that do not generate income ARE allowed. (Squad banners, squad videos, recruitment material, image generators, photobucket, chats, music players, etc...)
  • Game Rules
    • Anyone abusing the game by cheating or using exploits can result in account termination.

    • Robot Names must be appropriate. Any inappropriate names will have there robot deleted from our service.

    • Players can not advertise or offer to sell their accounts through the RoboWars chatroom or any part of the domain.

    • Tools or programs to auto refresh or change the gameplay from its original intention is prohibited.

    • Any account / robot can be deleted at any time for any reason if decided upon by staff.
  • Your Privacy
    • Your e-mail is never given out, leased or sold to anyone. It is used to verify your account and receive newsletters.

      The information upon joining is stored in a database on our servers. No crucial information has been requested from you. Your first name and last name is optional and located in preferences. Even when filled out, other visitors will not see this information.

    •  All players are able to utilize the in-game chat. If you feel a conversation is inappropriate, simply close the chat room and contact a moderator. The chat room is not required and you may open / close the chat at any time.

    • All players can receive in-game mail. Since all robomails are private discussions you can NOT report abuse associated with robomail. Simply delete any new messages you may receive from that user.

    • By joining RoboWars you agree that you are able to receive RoboWars newsletters.
  • RoboWars Mods
    • The game staff are there to ensure smooth running of the game and to ensure that the few rules we have in this game are observed, sanctions can and will be placed on those members that continually break the rules. These can range from chat silence for a set amount of minutes to account termination.

    • This game is still in Beta stages, as such this game is in constant evolution and rules may have to be introduced at short notice. Any members refusing to adhere to these or future rules, will be in breach of the games Terms Of Use.

  • Breaking the chat rules.
    Breaking the chat rules can and will result in a bad reputation status which is publicly visible.
    When you receive 150 reputation points your account communications will be locked automatically.
    Chat line removal (-5 points) Silence (-15 points) Silence past 300 minutes (-50 points)

  • Account bans, terminations and fines.
    Accounts can be banned, terminated and fined an undisclosed amount of cash at any time where administrators see fit. Any disputes for these actions would require you to contact us directly.

  • Terms of use updates
    This terms of use may be updated at any time and it is your responsibility to ensure you keep up to date with its changes by frequently visiting this page.
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